Monday, November 17, 2008

The First Entry

It's my first entry!! Woohooo...
Umm.. what should I write here... Owh, yes.. There are lots of reasons why I'm starting up my own blog... So here goes.....:-

1. I'm in dire need of brushing up my terribly rusty English
I guess this is one way I can improve it, y'know, by thinking really hard I almost burst my thinking cap trying to blurt out the best English out of foolish me. But you wouldn't see me jotting all English, because I'm terrible in my Malay as well (silly me, right?). I think I'll try to write alternately, some days in English and others in Malay. Will try my best to avoid 'rojak' entry though.. <--- See! I'm doing it right now!!

2. Me feel lonely
Yup, I do feel lonely. The habit of talking to my own self has increased rapidly even more after my sis got married. Last time we used to chat about almost anything - from work to clothes, gossip, family, etc until midnight that our mom has to knock on our bedroom door to remind us that it's already late at night (yeah right, as if we're still small kids that need reminding).
Yeah, I do have an absolutely understanding Hubby that would lend his ears anytime I wanted to, but the fact that we live worlds apart does not do much help. So hopefully by having this blog, I'll live happily ever after with my own monologue =P

3. Sharing ideas and thoughts
I love reading others' blog. Y'know, they have the chance to let go of all their thoughts and worries and always come back and read it again and again. What's more, friends can always comment and suggest anything based on the entry. I'd loved to do just that, especially with my long lost friends. And nowadays practically everybody I know own a blog. I wish I have time to keep up! I have a few blogs that I love to silently review, such as Huda's and Hasz's, with all the colourful and attractive pictures, the blogs are just.... readable (can't think of other proper word to describe it, hehe!) I wish I could pour out my thoughts as magnificient as these people ;)

So, above are all the reasons that I can think of right now.. I think I already made an essay! Haha!
Okay people, will try to update as frequent as I can - promise!!